Stigmatise, Shame, and Silence


21/11 2014: Interessant tekst i Jacobinism: Pamphleteer for the counter-counter Enlightenment om udviklingen i venstreorientering fra lighed, frihed og solidaritet, emancipation og universalisme, til relativisme og multikulturalisme, dobbeltstandarder, offerideologi og had mod Vesten

The arrogance of Western cultural supremacism, it was argued, was the status quo now in need of vigorous radical assault. A commitment to universalism was replaced by the fetishisation of difference and specificity; a belief in egalitarianism gave way to demands for exceptionalism and double-standards (only this time favouring the 'oppressed'); and the language of emancipation and liberty was replaced by a cult of victimhood, self-pity, and a brooding, masochistic solipsism. "We have nothing to lose but our chains" was drowned out by the resentful injunction "Listen to my suffering".